Nieuw 2024 Feuerfächer Volta Grün


Meer info over de Feuerfächer Volta Grün
Importeur: Funke
Collectie: Funke
Artikelnummer: FSR30-10-17
Netto kruitgewicht: 305 gr.
Aantal schoten: 10
Kaliber: 30mm
Tijdsduur: 2 sec.
Schietrichting: F-shape
Bruto gewicht:
Karton eenheid:
Effect beschrijving:

Singlerow of 10 shots in caliber 30mm with brocade mines with green moving stars Another Singlerow of the "Volta"-series.
Compared to items on the market with similar effects, our version contains significantly more, but smaller, moving stars, which leads to significant additional work in production and, based on experience during production, will probably have to be adjusted in the future. The article itself is impressive live and certainly creates an impressive moment in a show.

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