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St.Michaels Fireworks


In this Thread you will find some movies of fireworks from Malta .
Vinnie ( Admin ) has been in August 2004 to this fantastic land of fireworks.

The movies you will find in this thread are all from fireworks fired by St.Michaels Fireworks factory at Lija. The big shells of 210mm and 1 meter and 70cm in height , Shells with different kind of sizes salutes , Very bright colours , And special effects that you wont find enywhere else in the world..

These movies are all from evening displays.

In the first 2 movie's you will see the opening of an show. The shells are all filled with lots of salutes and have 3 breaks.

St.Michaels Fireworks Evening Display 1
File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 9.1Mb
Duration : 53 Seconds

St.Michaels Fireworks Evening Display 2

File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 9.9Mb
Duration : 59 Seconds

In the 3rde movie you will see very nice effects combinated with thunders. The first and the last shell are very special only i think that 1 break dindt work in the last shell but still very very good.

St.Michaels Fireworks Evening Display 3
File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 12.3Mb
Duration : 1 minutes and 12 seconds

The 4th video is also amazing , these kind of shells are really awesome.

St.Michaels Fireworks Evening Display 4
File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 10.7Mb
Duration : 1 minute and 4 seconds

In the 5th movie you will see the final of that day ...They always shoot the final like 300 meter broad where the problem come that not everything is on screen...
As you see the final is very different as you know from other country's ..

St.Michaels Fireworks Evening Display 5
File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 8.2Mb
Duration : 48 Seconds

In the 6th movie you see the beginning of a new show on August the 6th. These shell are even better then the day before ...Very nice combinations of effects...

St.Michael Fireworks Evening Display 6
File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 12.8Mb
Duration : 1 minutes and 17 seconds

look at the colours and specially to the last shell , these are so bright and they keep burning ...

St.Michaels Fireworks Evening Display 7
File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 7.9
Duration : 49 Seconds

The 8th movie is full of salutes , you will see 1 minute and 40 seconds of small,Big ,Bigger and Gas Tank salutes . The gast tank salutes are at the end of the movie.

St.Michaels Fireworks Evening Display 8
File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 17.2Mb
Duration : 1 minute and 40 seconds

9th movie , an combination of effects with gas tank salutes.

St.Michaels Fireworks Evening Display 9
File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 15.2Mb
Duration : 1 minutes and 31 seconds

The Shells are getting bigger and better each time . In this movie you will different kind of effects and the last shell is like an Japanese shells in shell.

St.Michaels Fireworks Evening Display 10
File : Mpeg
Big : 13Mb
Duration : 1 minute and 18 seconds

The last movie of the evening displays is the best. Never seen before effects and at the end the final of that day ...

St.Michaels Fireworks Evening Display 11

File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 30.4Mb
Duration : 3 minutes

For more pictures visit our Photo album of Malta 2004
Visit also our shop for the Malta dvd Trailer

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Luck lee

Registered User
Very nice scenery with the beautiful fireworks, very wonderful works with it! i can not make sure whether all the fireworks need electrical to light, some fireworks for daytime, (?what could make it be so beautiful in daytime) some for night time. i can not image it, most of the fireworks done by our factory only for night time[dark].
I wish i could see the beautiful daytime shows in the coming days in our local place!

I wish i could see the daytime fireworks!

Luck Lee
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Registered User
I think there already exist two movies of the production of this amazing shells. Where can i download this movies ?

greetz manU :w


Registered User
Hmm, but is saw this movies, i am sure !! A Guy was making some kind of paperbottles with newspaper ?!?!


ManU zei:
Hmm, but is saw this movies, i am sure !! A Guy was making some kind of paperbottles with newspaper ?!?!
Well maybe when you look at the thread calles Factory visits that you can find those movies.


Registered User

This kind of fireworks is very new for me, I think it's very very special. I will go to Malta myself some time. Vinnie, many thanks for filming and sharing these beautiful shows with us. It must be hard to film while just watching is so much better I'd say. Great stuff guys, keep up the good work! This site is perfect, I'm loving it!! :)

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