Scream Shots

The Cigarman


Meer info over de Scream Shots:
Artikel nummer: FM19-W
Netto kruitgewicht: 6,7 gram
Effect beschrijving:
Shottube with silver whistling tail to titanium salute in packs of 10 pieces.

As it was missing in our assortment so far, we also made some singleshots with salute effect now.
As there is already a wide range of such items on the market, and I really like tails and rising effects, I tried to add a nice silver whistling tail to this item. I like whistle to bang as a combination, and also several of such items can be found in our scream-series.
For the size I think it worked out quite fine, this one turned out to be our best salute singleshot so far I think. The bang is quite fine, but for sure there are louder ones on the market, for which it´s not our goal to compete with these; also the whistles can fly quite high, and then ofcourse the bang does not seem as loud as when it´s very close by.
But especially because of the whistle and the special rising effect I have a lot of fun shooting it.


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