Roter Baron


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Meer info over de Roter Baron:
Artikel nummer: FC30-100-21 100
Netto kruitgewicht: 2000 + 500 gram
Aantal schoten: 100 shots .
Effect beschrijving:
1.) Gold glittering tail to gold strobe with chicken blood red Dahlia
2.) Brocade tail to brocade crown with chicken blood red Dahlia
3.) White glittering tail to white strobe with chicken blood red Dahlia
4.) Big silver tail to silver willow with chicken blood red Dahlia
5.) Silver crackling tail to big silver Chrys with chicken blood red Dahlia

Assortment of one 500g cakebox, and a 2kg compound, which can be connected.

This year for the first time we also offer real compounds, although here, the the "Roter Baron", is actually a 2kg compound and one 500g single cakebox. The whole item is 1.4G, so it can also be shipped by onlineshops - so the bursts are not as strong as at our 1.3G-battery assortiments, and the shape is not so round, but because of the faster shooting pace it´s somehow acceptable. But still, who has the possibility to go to local shops and pick up his goods directly, should better chose the 1.3G items. The item uses blood red dahlia stars, combined with 5 different effects. Sadly we already started to produce this item in 2019, before we finished optimizing some of the effects, so that the tails still break from time to time before reaching the top; furthermore the strobes are a little thin, and the silver willow is quite short.

Despite these issues, it´s a nice compound once shooting it by yourself, especially the big dahlia stars and comet tails are impressive to watch. But if it can compete in sales against the 1.3G compounds / assortments with much better bursts, we shall see..

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alleen cake 2 met dat goud kan me bekoren, rest komt wat lafjes over. Wel mooie rode dahlia.


Ik vind dit top! Waarom? Omdat je moet beseffen dat dit een “Uit de kooi” box is. Vergelijk dit is met heel veel “uit de kooi” vuurwerk wat in Nederland te koop is. Dan is dit echt fijn om te zien.

uit de kooi betekend dat er minder dan 5% flash (gemeten over de inhoud van de tube) per tube word gebruikt


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Die rode sterren, lijkt soms wel of het vertraagd afgespeeld word, branden heel lang. Toch heel mooi

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