Roman Candles physical identifications


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I do not know if the thread has already been touched on freakpyromaniacs forum, but I decided to put this forum on this topic because of the many international members who can probably help me make a database of products. (photo optional)
(Later this type of subject might be approached for Shells, Cakes ...) and in an ideal technical details (times, duration of ascent before burst time, effects ...)

In a first time the idea is to identify novel cardboard tubes roman candles & 1 shot according to the manufacturers (in order to identify them more easily on the displays)

*Color carton usually found by Fireworks Manufacturer: (please do not hesitate to complement, add data & pics)

-Orange: P.Vicente Caballer (Spain)

-Yellow: P.Vicente Caballer (Spain), MLE Pyrotechnics (GB), AC Caballer (Spain)

-Pastel Yellow: Parente Fireworks/Pirico (Italia)

-Green/White Spiral: ?

-Dark Yellow: AC Caballer (Spain)

-Dark Red: P.Vicente Caballer (Spain)

-Purple: ?

-Dark Purple: ?

-Orange/Blue Spiral: ?

-Grey: AC Caballer (Spain)

-Transparent (Plastic): Ricardo Caballer Ricasa (Spain)

-Other Green...: Parente/Pirico (Italia)

-Black: P.Igual (Spain), Luso (Portugal), Icon/Foti Pyrotechnics (China/Australia), AC Caballer (Spain), Parente/Pirico (Italia)

-Pastel Green: ATPM (France)

-Green/Blue Aqua: ?

-Green: Pirofantasia (Spain)

-Dark Green: P.Zaragozana/Pérez (Spain)

-White/Blue Spiral: AC Caballer (Spain)

-Yellow/Pink Spiral: Marti??? (Spain)

-Green/White Spiral: ?

-Pink: Pirogestion (Spain)

-Gold: Ricardo Caballer Ricasa (Spain)

-Silver: Ricardo Caballer Ricasa (Spain)

-Dark Blue: P.Zaragozana/Pérez (Spain)

-Blue: AC Caballer (Spain), Kimbolton (GB)

-White: Ruggieri (France)

-Pastel Blue: Panzera (Italia), Parente/Pirico (Italia), Atlas (USA)

-Red: Vaccalluzzo/Gamma P (Italia), Parente/Pirico (Italia)

-White/Red Spiral: Kimbolton (GB)

-Cardboard Tube Natural: Howard & Sons (Australia), Bugat Pyrotechnie (France), H&R Marmajou (France), Lacroix-Ruggieri (France), Ruggieri (France), Lacroix (France), Legoux (France), Martarello (Italia), P.Europla (Spain), AC Caballer (Spain), Parente/Pirico (Italia), La Rosa (Italia)