Rauchspur Geschwader (Nieuw 2020)

The Cigarman

Meer info over de Rauchspur Geschwader:
Artikel nummer: FW5SM-MIX
Netto kruitgewicht: 10,5 gram per stuk
Aantal stuks: 4 stuks per verpakking
Bijzonderheden: Eenmalig, rook schijnt ook niet meer te mogen in Duitsland
Effect beschrijving:
Assortment of rising spinners with smoke tail in 4 different colors: red, green, blue, violet.

An item, which I wanted to have in our assortment since 2017, and at which the effect was sadly always so unstable, that even after 3 years we could not reach the result which I wanted to have. Most of the time, the smoke effect was too weak; or it was burning too short or too long.. Also this year the effect did not reach the level yet, which I wanted to have - but it is acceptable, and we produced the first, and at the same time last batch of this item.
At the end of last year there was a vote on the issue, whether such items should be allowed to be sold in F2 any longer or not, as according to the opinion of 1-2 notified bodies (one of them being the BAM) no smoke effects should be allowed in consumer fireworks F1-F3.
Sadly at this vote, only (I believe) 3 notified bodys took part, so that the result was against the smoke effects, and after a transition period of 1 year after november 2020 no new batches of such items are allowed to be produced anymore.

So we had to finish this item now, as we had all the designs and CE certificates finished already, which otherwise would have gone to waste.
Anyways it´s typical again, that certain notified bodys without any reason at all want to limit our fireworks again.. I really can´t understand, what type of serious issues these responsible people there seem to have / if they have nothing better to do.