Raketenorgel Dorado

The Cigarman

Meer info over de Raketenorgel Dorado:
Artikel nummer: FRC20-25-3
Netto kruitgewicht: 500 gram
Aantal schoten: 25 raketten/vuurpijlen.
Effect beschrijving:
FRC20-25-3, Rocket battery "Dorado Raketenorgel" of 25 rockets, 500g total NEC, category F2, CE-Certified, ADR 1.4G

Rocket-battery of rockets with special golden tail to long hanging brocade crown effects.

While planning our show for the "Burning Airfield" event 2019, I thought that such an item with a rocket salvo would also be fun in consumer fireworks.
Sadly it turned out, that such items are pretty expensive in production, so I wasn´t sure anymore if it would make sense.
But as it is a fun and crazy item nontheless, we produced a small quantity despite the high cost, and we shall see if there are people who are willing to buy it ;)

It actually turned out to be a very impressive item, but it´s most likely also the fastest way to burn money in consumer fireworks..
The "Dorado"-version which is seen here is one out of 3 types, and all rockets have a special golden tail to burst effects of long burning golden stars, creating a really impressive effect which is really unique in consumer fireworks. The whole sky is full of gold, which due to the rising height of the rockets has a longer hangtime as it would be possible with for normal cakeboxes.


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