Nieuw 2024 Purple Python


Meer info over de Purple Python:
Netto kruitgewicht: 500gr.
Aantal schoten: 20
Kaliber: 30mm
Tijdsduur: 15sec.
Schietrichting: I-shape
Bruto gewicht:
Karton eenheid:
Effect beschrijving:

Purple wave tails burst to purple moving comets with silver tail Another new item from the Link-Triad Line from Guangxi.
This is a single effect battery with pressed tails which burst relatively quietly into self-propelled stars that turn in different directions in the sky.
These are very complex to produce - first cylinder stars with a hole are pressed, a small stoppin is then glued into this hole using black powder glue, and then an adhesive tape is wrapped around the star and folded on one side so that the star only has one side can catch fire.
This is all done by hand; one worker can only process around 5kg of stars per day. Then 2 layers of 4 of these stars are filled into a 30mm bombette, for which 4 stars are squeezed next to each other into the tube, and then pressed down with a wooden stick, then comes the next bundle of 4, then black powder, and the tube is closed.
This means that this item is not cheap, but I personally find the effect very impressive and special. Due to the black powder burst, it is a relatively quiet effect, perhaps similar to a Crossette effect in terms of volume, which in my opinion makes this item well suited for quieter shows - but the effect also stands out because in the battery segment as far as I know, it is unique and is otherwise only used in shells.
However, the whole thing is very special and extremely expensive, which means that it is probably only something as a special effect for low-noise shows, and for people like me who find such unusual effects just totally awesome ;) The item turned out quite well, it could be a little more consistent in terms of firing height etc, but a lot of workers had to be teached to do this work, so let's see about possible future batches, as long as I'm not the only one firing the parts.

Laatst bewerkt door een moderator:
Op het filmpje komt de kleur niet goed over, je moet al goed moeite doen om het paars te kunnen noemen. Nu is het echter wel zo dat het met paars en blauw in het echt wel eens beter over kan komen dan op een filmpje. Er moet in ieder geval zo'n cake (of de compound) in de collectie komen, welke kleur (of multicolor) zie ik nog wel.


Poeh, die kleur blijft twijfelachtig, maar dat kan heel goed aan de setting met schemering liggen.

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