Pfeifraketen Kal. C

The Cigarman


Meer info over de Pfeifraketen Kal. C:
Artikel nummer: FR-W14-C
Netto kruitgewicht: 5 gram per vuurpijl
Aantal schoten: 6 vuurpijlen in een verpakking
Effect beschrijving:
6 rockets with long silver whistling tail to timerain crackling.

Whistle rockets with long whistling tail to timerain crackling. Already in 2018 we anted to introduce a wide range of small whistle rockets in different sizes and effect combinations, but sadly the tests took more time than expected and the license of the factory was over, so we could only deliver the first types now. The caliber C (14mm ID) shown here is the biggest caliber, which is being used for our series of whistle rockets.
Funny little item during shooting sessions, with long flight time and timerain crackling (which could be a little more at this one). Our whistle rockets are rather meant to be a cheap item, which can be used in bigger quantities next to bangers etc at long shooting sessions, and bring some variety and fun. Also, they are meant for younger customers, who can´t afford only expensive high-end items for hour long sessions.
Nontheless it should be a good item for the small size.


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