Nishiki Kamuro

The Cigarman

Meer info over de Nishiki Kamuro:
Artikel nummer: FC30-44-1
Netto kruitgewicht: 999,6 gram
Aantal schoten: 44 shots cake.
Effect beschrijving:
44 shots compound fireworks "Nishiki Kamuro", cal. 30mm, ca. 39 seconds, 999,6g NEC, CE certified, category F2, ADR 1.4G

Tails and burst effects of Nishiki-Kamuro-Willows combined with blue Dahlias, red plum and gold strobes; with fanshape salvos and mines.

1 Nishiki Kamuro Tail to Nishiki Kamuro with blue Dahlia;with final fanshape-salvo with mines
2 Nishiki Kamuro Tail to Nishiki Kamuro with red Plum;with final fanshape-salvo with mines
3) Nishiki Kamuro Tail to Nishiki Kamuro with gold strobe; with final fanshape-salvo with mines
4) Nishiki Kamuro Tail to Nishiki Kamuro; with final fanshape-salvo with mines

This year for the first time we also offer real compound fireworks, and the first one is the "Nishiki Kamuro"-Compound. A 1kg compound in 1.4G, so that it can also be shipped by parcel - because of this the bursts are ofcourse not as strong as in our 1.3G items, but I think it is still quite OK.
The main effect of the compound is the "Nishiki Kamuro"-effect in our interpretation, some type of golden willow with a few titanium sparks.
Sadly we had already start to produce this item in 2019, before we found / could solve certain problems with the effect, so that the tails break from time to time and do not always go to the top; furthermore the stars burn partly to long, especially in the mines, and do not stop burning at the highest point; also, because of the slow burning of the stars the titanium effect is still a little to sparse, in the future we need to see that the stars burn faster.
Despite all initial problems with the new effect I think it turned out to be a nice little compound.


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