Heavy Nutcase

The Cigarman


Meer info over de Heavy Nutcase:
Eurostar Fireworks
Collectie: Insane Maniacs Collection
Artikel nummer: EFC-1012-075
Netto kruitgewicht: 1425 gram
Karton eenheid: 2/1
Aantal schoten: 75 shots
Tube diameter: 30 mm
Effect beschrijving:
Spinning / Whirl Tail to Silver Spider with Time-Rain
Green Tail to Brocade Crown King with Red and Blue Pearls
Blue Tail to Brocade Crown
Red Tail to Gold Wave with Green Tips
Silver Tail to Time Rain Willow
Red Tail to Gold Wave with Red Strobe
Green Tail to Purple Palm with Silver Strobe
Blue Tail to Silver Strobe Willow with Blue Pearl
Blue Tail to Brocade Crown
Blue Tail to Chrysanthemum with Blue Pearl