Girandola Pinwheel Flying and Exploding Fireworks

The Cigarman

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Amazing hand-built bamboo spinning pinwheel rockets. These are fairly common around Thailand and are launched as part of national festivals, especially in the north of the country. Some are hand held and only measure 9” in diameter, these usually have a salute (bang) at the end of their 200m accent. These wheels grow in size all the way up to giant wheels with diameters of over 15ft. These massive wheels roar upwards from the launch pad leaving a corkscrew helix smoke trail and reach the dizzy heights of 1000m+ before releasing a parachute and slowly returning to earth or as you will see “simply explode and crash to the ground” Once the large ones are lit there is only one thing to do and that’s RUN…!! If you enjoyed the video please leave a comment, like and subscribe, also share and turn on your Notifications so you don't miss out on new videos uploaded ever week...



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Girandola's vanuit het handje, als het ware een frisbee..
Ik dacht dat ik alles wel gezien had zo langzaamaan, maar wat vet!

Met die grote joekels, dat heb ik al wel heel lang op het verlanglijstje staan om mee te mogen maken.

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