Firework Champions 2006, Stanford Hall 5 aug 2006


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Saturday 5th August,

Firework Champions 2006, Stanford Hall, Leicestershire, UK

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006 will see 4 firework companies competing against each other with a 10-15 minute firework display choreographed to music. The types of fireworks being used by the companies are quite different to the material available to the general public, each company can use category 4 fireworks - those that are for professional use only.

The audience have the capability to vote for the team they liked the most using their mobile phone - purely for fun. Texts will be charged at normal rates and a limit of 1 vote per number / SMS Identifer is in place.

"A SMS system commisioned specifically for the event, will allow the audience to get involved and vote for their favourite team. Unique real time updates will be given where available by our announcer Russ McClean." Trevor Golding, MLE
The guidelines have been simplified to make the event enjoyable for all involved.

1) 10 - 15 minutes of fireworks
2) Must be choreographed to music
3) General restrictions on material used to be agreed by all companies involved
4) Each team must be a professional firework company

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