Feuerfächer Triple Nr. 2

The Cigarman

Meer info over de Feuerfächer Triple Nr. 2 (Singlerow with 3-layered mines):
Artikel nummer: FSR30-13-6
Netto kruitgewicht: 416 gram
Aantal schoten: 13
Kaliber: 30 mm
Schietrichting: W-shape
Tijdsduur: 3 sec
Schietrichting: Z-shape
Bruto gewicht:
Karton eenheid:
Effect beschrijving:

3shots in caliber 30mm with the following effects:
3 layer mine:
1.) Gold strobe
2.) Green glittering willow
3.) Violet Stars

From conversations with pyrotechnicians, which showed that our current items are not so suitable for shows, emerged the idea to make a line of items, which mostly by having only one effect per item are more suitable for professional shows, while still being free to sell to consumers.
After our T1-fountain-series, the next products of this line are some singlerows, of which sadly so far only 3 types have been produced.
Those are nothing really new - they use effects, which are already present at the market in professional fireworks. Effect of this one turned out mostly ok, but sadly the violet stars burn too short compared to the blue stars of the "Feuerfächer Triple Nr. 1".