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Ik was eigenlijk van plan om even wat minder negatief nieuws m.b.t. Fallas en Valencia op het forum te plaatsen, maar dit bericht, zeker gezien het betrekking heeft op het bericht hierboven, moet hier toch wel even worden geplaatst:

Vannacht hebben één of meerdere vandalen de pop van Falla Reino de Valencia in de brand gestoken. De Falla heeft bevestigd dat het gaat om een daad van vandalisme, aangezien de cremà niet voor vannacht stond gepland, en de situatie rondom de pop daar ook nog niet op was voorbereid.
Helaas moesten ze al een groot gedeelte van hun pop verbranden, maar helaas is dat nu ook nog eens op een hele vervelende manier gebeurd, wat buitengewoon pijnlijk is voor de vereniging en de artiest.

Artikel op Levante:
Falla Reino de Valencia dawns burned
The commission confirms that it is an act of vandalism: "it was taken from us and we did not touch it"

The Falla Reino de València-Duque de Calabria has dawned this morning already completely destroyed. Throughout the night, the fire has devoured the elements of Sergio Musoles' work that could not be rescued during the 'displantà'.

The commission has confirmed that this is a vandalic act since the cremà was not scheduled for Sunday night to Monday. "They have taken it from us and we did not touch it" they assure in a statement.

In the images, however, it is striking that the charred remains have not been removed, as is usually the case in an operation of this style by the cleaning teams. Another key factor is that the barriers were not removed for burning. So much so, that several of them have been burned as well.

The fire must have occurred around six in the morning since, as confirmed by the president of the commission to other commission leaders, at five thirty in the morning the act had not yet occurred.

In the square, the tower is barely standing, waiting to be removed.
Bron: https://www.levante-emv.com/fallas/2020/03/16/falla-quemada-hoy-reino-valencia-/1989925.html

Onderstaande foto is afkomstig van Cendra Digital op facebook:

Javier Donat heeft deze foto op zijn facebook geplaatst:


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Artikel van Levante met daarin in zekere zin 'positief' nieuws, over het feit dat het aantal geregistreerde falleros maar beperkt is gedaald.

Het is uiteraard wel de vraag of dit volgend jaar ook nog zo is, aangezien de financiële pijn voor een land als Spanje voorlopig alleen nog maar verder toe zal nemen.

Las Fallas barely lowered their census by 4% in the midst of the covid crisis

The new exercise starts with a decrease of only four thousand people signed up - The supplementary help from the city council and the reduction of fees have influenced the renewal

Moisés Domínguez | Valencia 08.22.2020 | 21:51

Las Fallas are capable of challenging the most adverse situations. They were able to be planted a few months after a Civil War and a few months after a general flood of the city. And they have been able to overcome the worst economic crises of the modern era.

The covid 19 pandemic has not intimidated the protagonists of the party either and the data exists to prove it. As of today - the offices of the Fallera Central Board (JCF) will reopen next week - the Fallas census has barely dropped four percent compared to last year, mocking any symptoms of collapse typical of the serious social situation.

The current data from the JCF, corresponding to the new exercise, indicate that the number of registered falleros is 99,201, which is barely four thousand less than in March 2019. That means that, once the past "no Fallas" have been completed and the delivery of new censuses for the academic year 20-21, the decrease has barely been four percent, a figure that would be well below other parameters of the crisis, such as the percentage of jobs destroyed or companies closed.

The Fallas census tends to have a “trap”, but both by default and by excess. For example, commissions do not always facilitate terminations (both for those who have been deleted and even for those who have died) and they "freeze" the census, waiting for the absence to be reconsidered or, directly, to have more of falleros registered for the Offering.

But, on the contrary, the spring census -the one that has transcended right now- is also, by definition, "downward": throughout the year it grows and is still accentuated in the final stretch, precisely when new entries appear to go to the Offering.

The data are, to say the least, striking: if in March 2019 there were 102,978 registered falleros, in the spring of 2020, when it is always the lowest point in numbers, the figure drops to 99,021 falleros. Or, put another way, "it only drops to 99,021 falleros".

There are four thousand fewer falleros that are distributed practically equally: two thousand adults and two thousand children. Possibly that it descends proportionally more in children is the most disturbing data, if you will. But reducing the total by just four percent runs counter to any other indication, usually much more negative.

How has the Fallas army been maintained, one hundred above, one hundred below? A fundamental aspect is how quickly many commissions have reacted when offering reductions in fees. The fact that the city council, as soon as the state of alarm was decreed, announced a supplementary subsidy of 37.5% of the 2020 monument provided the commissions with liquidity that, together with the lack of expenses of the Fallera Week, led to the exercise will be settled in not a few cases with very good results and money in cash.

With exceptions such as the Special, First A or commissions that bet on important festivals that leave them good results with the exploitation of the bars. But, in general, the treasury, in April 2020, was more than healthy in most of the commissions. Proof of this have been those waivers or even "social funds" to prevent families with problems from being discharged.

To this must be added the emotional factor: the fallero will always try to take off another expense rather than suffer the trauma of having to erase himself, almost a spiritual issue. The only blur, if you like, is that, proportionally, the sharpest decline has been in children. The data are consistent with those of the prolonged crisis of 2008, in which there was also a natural decrease in the number of falleros, but never under the concept of "collapse".

Artikel en afbeelding zijn afkomstig van Levante-EMV: https://www.levante-emv.com/fallas/2020/08/23/fallas-apenas-bajan-censo-4/2044256.html


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Ik heb even wat (recente) nieuwsberichten opgezocht met betrekking tot Fallas in 2021 en ik heb de meest interessante stukjes informatie ervan even door de vertaler gehaald.

Ik begin met het meest recente bericht (07-01-'21):
The JCF postpones the approval of the 2021 Fallas Celebration Program
It also pauses all its official activities after the tightening of sanitary measures

The Fallas 2021 festivities program will have to wait. There was no other alternative and thus, the intended reading and approval of the same in the plenary session of the Fallera Central Board in January is off the agenda.

The Councilor for Festive Culture Carlos Galiana announced in the plenary session last November that the list of celebrations would be announced in January, a month later than usual. However, since then things have not exactly gone in favor of the reestablishment of the party and the theme, which is necessarily included as an agenda item in the plenary session and later in the presidents' assembly, is not reflected. As, on the other hand, could be expected.

Little or nothing can, as of today, be drawn up without finalizing agreements with the Ministry of Health and the meetings are not planned for before December 12, the date of the plenary session. And even so, any program will continue to have provisional status, since the health situation continues to change. In the best of cases, in the report of the presidency of the plenary session (meeting, by the way, initially called in person, but which has returned to the logical telematic format) a declaration of intent can be communicated.

This model contrasts with that of the Bonfires of Alicante, which at the end of last November already announced their full program of activities for June. But there are substantial differences: the health situation is expected to be much more favorable in June. And, in any case, the program approved in Alicante has no validity as long as there is no health ratification. More than "provisional program" it is "very provisional program". It is only a way of showing the intention that the party be held on its usual dates, in the final stretch of June.

Meanwhile, the Fallas continues with a changing scenario at all times. The latest news has been that the Fallera Central Board has closed all of its activities until further notice, to adapt to the new schedule restrictions imposed by the Generalitat Valenciana.

If on January 6 it had already announced the stoppage of the theater competition, now it is extending it to other planned activities in different areas.
Bron: https://www.levante-emv.com/fallas/2021/01/07/jcf-aplaza-aprobacion-programa-festejos-27164184.html

Een iets ouder bericht van 18-12-'20, dus deels al gedateerd:
The Fallas de València 2021 will not be in March, but will be held between May and July
The festival's reconstruction commission is already working on a new calendar, without ruling out that there will be events in March or that the Offering will be in May

The Fallas de València 2021 will not be planted and burned in March. And in case there was any doubt, other festivals that involve a concentration of people, such as Holy Week and the Seville April Fair, have already announced their cancellation. But the party will take place and it will, if the Covid-19 vaccination schedule does not suffer any substantial setback, in a range that will go between May and July (except on Bonfire days), and until October is considered the deadline maximum elongation. All this, thinking that each city council can mold the program to its own calendar. It will not be, then, a uniform party throughout the territory, but it is taken for granted, counting on the fact that by then the immunity rates will be growing, that the celebrations will be able to be released, and more the more time passes.

This is one of the conclusions that has been reached within the reconstruction commission of the festival in which falleros from both Valencia and local councils and the administrations are carrying out with great care. For now, the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, has already confirmed that, despite the start of vaccination against the coronavirus, the Fallas 2021 will not be able to be held on the usual dates.

Without immunity to the coronavirus there are no failures

It must be remembered that the Generalitat is not going to accept (neither does the Government of Spain) popular festivals until there is a minimum immunity and an assumable risk within the risks of epidemics of a normal year, such as influenza - It costs the lives of several thousand people each year, but it has a vaccination and immunization schedule.

This does not mean that March is deserted. The plan in which you work includes holding the events that you can. Right now, in the current context, things could be celebrated. So, in three months, there could still be more. Enough to charge the protagonists of the party with morale. Mass in San José, parades, concerts ... that which does not attract crowds and has limited capacity.

In that spring-summer hairpin it would be, in principle, when the main festivities would take place. And the most normal thing is that they are closer to July than to May or that, in some cases, they can go until September and October, but now as a final resource. And in any case, with a normal four-day plant and burn schedule.

Within this debate, due to its enormous role in Fallas society, the Offering is a celebration that, in principle, is contemplated for within five months, coinciding with the feast of the Virgin (it is assumed that there will be no Transfer precisely for the concentration of people it will lead). And if it were not possible, it would be moved to a date when it was truly feasible. The festivals are not contemplated until further notice, which will undoubtedly be the last celebration to be held.

Endorsement of the Fallas 2021 and consensus of each municipality

To establish the new Fallas calendar, the decree that currently suspends Fallas must be repealed. It is a procedure, but it will be the key moment to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In either case, the confirmation of the forks will not arrive, in principle until 2021, between mid-January and early February. (LET OP: dit is dus voorlopig uitgesteld!)

From there, each municipality will articulate its particularities. In Valencia, for example, it will be the moment of the agreement between the city council, the Fallera Central Board and the assembly of presidents. The same will happen in each local meeting.
Bron: https://www.levante-emv.com/fallas/...d-no-plantaran-marzo-mayo-junio-26461389.html


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Zou er uberhaupt ooit nog een mascleta worden geschoten met een afgeladen plein..? Ik heb mijn twijfels.


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Tjaah wat nu te doen met de airbnb.. Vorig jaar was de dame erg aardig om hem kosteloos te verzetten naar 15 maart tot 20 maart 2021. Weet niet of ze dat nog een keer doet.


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Zou er uberhaupt ooit nog een mascleta worden geschoten met een afgeladen plein..? Ik heb mijn twijfels.
Oooh zekers wel!
De mens leert dit nooit af, het is alleen een kwestie van het (mogelijk) bijkomende kwaad accepteren.
Toen er wat meer aanslagen waren hoorde je de zelfde vragen. Hebben we ons ook niks van aan getrokken toch?


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Oooh zekers wel!
De mens leert dit nooit af, het is alleen een kwestie van het (mogelijk) bijkomende kwaad accepteren.
Toen er wat meer aanslagen waren hoorde je de zelfde vragen. Hebben we ons ook niks van aan getrokken toch?
Alleen nog toegang tot het plein met vaccinazi paspoort!


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Als ik het nieuws goed lees dan zijn festivals tot medio juli niet mogelijk.
Niet helemaal, maar zal er waarschijnlijk wel op neer komen.

Even een korte samenvatting van hoe ik het lees:

"Oorspronkelijk" was de verwachting dat Fallas tussen mei en juli gehouden zou worden, waarbij de verwachting was dat het dichter bij juli, dan bij mei zou liggen.
Er werd echter al rekening mee gehouden dat er eventuele uitloop naar augustus en/of september zou kunnen zijn, waarbij oktober de allerlaatste optie was. Sowieso was/is de bedoeling om de verschillende elementen over een langere tijd te verspreiden, dus geen traditionele Fallas week.

In het meest recente bericht wat ik plaatste, van 7 januari, staat dat de JCF besloten heeft het voorlopige programma nog niet op te stellen/publiceren, omdat er op dit moment nog geen zinnig woord te zeggen is over een exacte datum, ook omdat dit helemaal afhankelijk is van toestemming van het "ministerie van gezondheid" en andere autoriteiten. Ook gaan de besmettingscijfers in de regio Valencia nou niet bepaald de goede richting uit.

Er valt op dit moment nog geen zinnig woord te zeggen over wanneer en hoe Fallas gaat plaatsvinden, anders dan dat ze hopen dat het ergens tussen mei en oktober gaat plaatsvinden als de situatie dat toelaat.