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Factory Visits


Vinnie ( Admin ) had visited the St.Michael Fireworks Factory and made some video footage. Here he was told how they make the Maltese Multi Break shells ans much more ...

Here under you will see some footage of the Visits that vinnie made.
We wanne thanks the people of St.Michaels Fireworks Factory and St.May's Fireworks Factory..

Pictures and Video by Vinnie ( Admin )

Factory Visit 1
File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 18Mb
Duration : 1 Minute and 48 Seconds

Factory Visit 2
File : Mpeg ( Vcd )
Big : 22.4Mb
Duration : 2 Minutes and 14 Seconds

For more pictures visit our Photo album of Malta 2004
Visit also our shop for the Malta dvd Trailer

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Luqa - Malta

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Nice to see these videos again. But may I point out that the first part of video 2, are members of the St.Andrew Fireworks Factory (L'Unione Luqa) producing cylinder containers for Multy Break Shells.

The following article was written by Vinnie (Admin) to comemorate his much welcomed visit to Malta: http://www.unionbandmalta.org/visit.htm

As you know FPM crew, you are always welcome. :w

Article By Vinnie (Admin) for www.unionbandmalta.org (August 2005).

When I arrived at Malta I realized immediately that Malta is not a big island with approximately 400,000 people living in it. I also noticed that there is a lot of traffic in Malta!

On 3rd August I had an appointment with people from the Union Band Club of Luqa. I waited in front of the building for a couple of minutes and then I saw a man coming towards me and asked me if I was Vincent from freakpyromanics.com and with a smile on my face I said ‘yes’. Together we went around the band club and Kevin gave me information about the history of the Union Band. Inside the band club, there were some people making the carbon cylinders for the shells for next year; all the work that they were doing was for next year. What I have seen there was really great!

That same day, I went to the St. Michael’s Fireworks Factory with Karmenu and his friend, Kevin. For the first time of my life, I saw a real Maltese multi break shell; it was really great to see so many of these shells. There were also rounded shells - one of them was 13 inch. I took many photos and also filmed most of the things and you can see these of freakpyromaniacs.com. Karmenu also accompanied me to the St. Mary’s Fireworks Factory. I was very happy - I saw things that I had never seen before and I meet the friendliest man from Malta (Karmenu). I really appreciate the help Karmenu gave me during my holiday at Malta.

We also went in front of St. Michael’s Fireworks Factory. The first item that they were shooting was a whistle shell that ended in aloud burst with red smoke. When it was finished, the red smoke was still hanging in the sky; it was 6 inch (I don’t remember the exact name). After the first one there was more shooting of these great shells and immediately afterwards came the first multi break shells. It is very difficult to explain how it looked like, you have to see it on pictures or movies. It was really great! After that, they shot many shells, one by one. The whole program took approximately one and a half-hour. Sometimes they shot in a slow tempo and sometimes in a fast tempo. All the bangs were hard to hear and great to see. Fireworks in Malta are something amazing.

After that we walked to the top of the hill to St. Michael’s Fireworks Factory. There were some people loading a pickup truck with shells for the evening show. I filmed the loading and then we went to eat and the returned there to see the evening show.

On that evening I saw a gastank-shell (Lampjun). I never saw something similar although I heard about it. I would like to know how these shells are made. Then, there was the first bouquet coming that ended with a bang; they were beautiful and big. In Netherlands, we have totally different shells and thus, I cannot compare those of Malta with those of Netherlands. It was a pity that they were shot in a slow tempo. I like fast shooting; the sky must be full with fireworks. Maltese people love fireworks in different way that I do!

Every fireworks lover must visit Malta to see the nice fireworks done there. The shells are big and the colours make the sky seem wonderful.

This is my experience about my journey to Malta this year. There is so much to say and see about Malta. You have to see it yourself.

I would like to thank the Union Band Club of Luqa for all the help they gave me and also I would like to thank freakpyromaniacs.com. Special thanks goes to Mr. Roderick Bajada for all the work he has done for us.

Vinnie www.freakpyromaniacs.com
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