Doublebreak-Rocket Assortment "Gemini"

The Cigarman

Meer info over de Doublebreak-Rocket Assortment "Gemini":
Artikel nummer: FR20-DS1
Netto kruitgewicht: 20 gram per vuurpijl
Aantal schoten: 10 vuurpijlen in een verpakking
Effect beschrijving:
2x Gemini Gold + Blau
Silver tail to 2 effects: 1.) Golden willow 2.) Blue peony
2x Gemini Duplex-Cracker
Silver tail to 2 effects: 1.) Big gold chrys 2.) Big silver chrys
2x Gemini Brokat + Grünblinker
Silver tail to 2 effects: 1.) Brocade crown 2.) green strobe
2x Gemini Corolla + Rotblinker
Silver tail to 2 effects: 1.) Corolla 2.) Red strobe
2x Gemini Duplex-Polyp
Silver tail to 2 effects: 1.) Blue stars with titanium burst 2.) Red stars with titanium burst

For rockets it´s possible to make many special effects, which normally can mostly be found in display fireworks / at ball- and cylinder-shells. One of these effects are multibreaks.
I like such type of unusual effects, that´s why we created 2 types of doublebang rockets, and here is the first one, the Gemini-Rockets.
With 20g NEC for 2 effects + tail, it´s mostly playing around and not a super impressive effect, but in the end most small fireworks items share this characteristic. And in the end it might be what creates the most fun for many people.
The rockets itself turned out quite ok, but the last effect (blue stars and red stars) is really not convenient for such small tubes and stars; in case that we will produce a new batch of these rockets in the future, we would replace this effect by another one I think.



Bronzen Member
Oh dit concept heeft echt veel meer potentie dan de nu gekozen combinaties. Ziet er nu al leuk uit, maar kan nog veel leuker..
Zeker met de kwaliteit goud/willows van funke.

Willow to Willow
Blink to blink
(Ofwel effect verlengen)

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