The Cigarman

Funke NL - Azul.png
Meer info over de Azul:
Artikel nummer:
Netto kruitgewicht: 1998,8 gr.
Aantal schoten: 100
Kaliber: 30mm
Tijdsduur: 60 sec
Schietrichting: I-shape
Bruto gewicht:
Karton eenheid:
Effect beschrijving:

EN: FC30-100-19 100 Schuss 30mm Verbundfeuerwerk mit Effekten aus blauen Sternen, kombiniert mit Blink- und Goldeffekten, sowie Blinkweiden und Crackersternen.

100 Shots 30mm compound with effects of blue stars, combined with strobe and gold effects, as well as glittering willows and crackling chrysanthemums.
1.) Green glittering tail to green strobe with blue Dahlia.
2.) Gold glittering tail to gold strobe with blue Dahlia; with final salvo and Gold strobe with blue Dahlia mine.
3.) Gold titanium tail to gold titanium willow with blue Dahlia.
4.) Brocade tail to brocade crown with blue Dahlia; with final salvo and Brocade with blue Dahlia mine.
5.) Green glittering tail to green glittering willow with blue Dahlia.
6.)Gold glittering tail to gold glittering willow with blue Dahlia; with final salvo and Gold glittering willow with blue Dahlia mine.
7.) Gold crackling tail to big gold chrys with blue Dahlia.
8.) Silver crackling tail to big silver chrys with blue Dahlia; with final salvo and Big Silver chrys with blue Dahlia mine.

This item was created for the NL market, because there "Batteries of shottubes requiring external support" are not permitted, and thus our battery assortments of 5x20 shot cakes are not allowed to sell.
Furthermore in the Netherlands, if a cake has over 15g per shot, there has to be at least one mine inside this cake, and all items must be 1.4G. Because of this, this item is made as a compound instead of an assortment, and is packed in an iron cage. The disadvantage of this is, that the iron cage increases the cost, and that compounds can only have 2kg of powderweight, while our battery assortments at 100sh 30mm usually have 2,5kg of powderweight. But at least you only need to ignte a compound only once, in order to see all 100 shots, without having to connect the single cakes. As for the effects, the glittering willows could spray out the strobe stars better, and also a few other effects could be improved, but in real life the compound for sure is quite nice already.
For Germany and Poland we only ordered a certain amount on top, because normally I use a diffferent way to make the 100sh cakes in order to be able to use more powder, and also the cages cost a lot of money, which increases the price compared to the same cake with normal packing in 1.3G. We shall see how it is going; but at the next compound for NL, I guess for the german or polish market we will make it without cages, or only make a part with those.



FPM Moderator
Lastig te beoordelen als ik eerlijk ben. Bij de "andere " Funke films glij ik af en toe van de bank af zo mooi. Deze hoop ik toch eerst ff live te zien.


Zilveren Member
Vind em zeker mooi, maar moet inderdaad op een demo beoordeeld of ie zich onderscheid van andere producten. Prijs is stevig voor 100sch.


Bronzen Member
Heb hem ook gezien in hardenberg maar vond hem niet heel onderscheidend. Prima box alsnog maar hebniet het idee dat ik nu perse funke moet aanschaffen.