5m Fontäne Silber

The Cigarman

Meer info over de 5m Fontäne Silber:
Artikel nummer: FF-35S175
Netto kruitgewicht: 100 gram per fontein.
Aantal stuks inhoud: 5 stuks
Kaliber: 35 mm
Tijdsduur: 45 seconden
Karton eenheid: 8/5
Bijzonderheden: T1
Effect beschrijving:
Big fountains with low amount of smoke, with a burntime of 45 seconds and up to ca. 5m effect height.

Effect: Silver titanium Fountain

From conversations with pyrotechnicians, which showed that our current items are not so suitable for shows, emerged the idea to make a line of items, which mostly by having only one effect per item are more suitable for professional shows, while still being free to sell to consumers. The first items of this are 3 sizes of fountain, here we show now the middle size, the 5m-fountains.
The fountains are based on nitrocellulose, and have quite limited smoke; on the videos it looks like more smoke than it actually is, due to the humid weather conditions in china.
Nice, long burning silver sparks, in reality quite impressive.