1. Tony

    Feria de Julio 2007 Show Ricasa

    Javiktala heeft afgelopen Zaterdag (07/07/2007) een show gefilmd van Ricardo Caballer. Zie hier zijn verhaal.
  2. F

    San Marzano 2007 - Pyromusical Show by B. Bruscella

    This year, to San Marzano (Taranto, Italy), for the first time,a grandiose Pyromusical Show performed by the famous firm "Bartolomeo Bruscella" has closed the celebrations on honor of San Giuseppe in 19th March 2007! The Budget for this show is €11.000 Pyromusical Display by...
  3. Tony

    Mark your calendar with changes to fireworks show

    PHOENIX - The Fabulous Phoenix 4th will be losing two hours of sunlight this summer. The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department has pushed the start time back to 6 p.m. from 4 p.m., citing concerns over heat and attendance. David Urbinato of the Parks and Recreation Department says he hopes...
  4. F

    Dario Cosma (Evening Show) - 24/04/2007

    A true surprise for me the show that has introduced Dario Cosma to Castro........ All electronic, with throwing syncronized by 3 points......... The only "Bomba da Tiro" (2 "Intrecci" and 5 "controbombe" + "controcolpo") has stupendously gone...... "Fermate" good, with nothing of...
  5. F

    Aniello Boccia (Evening Show) - 24/04/2007

    A good show, but it was not to bring a plaza as Castro...... Good the "Bombe da Tiro", "Fermate" excellent of tall Neapolitan school but with nothing of detail apart a pair of some worked bombs. A white rain worthy of note and a good final that however could be all right The budget for this...
  6. F

    Antonio Teora (Evening Show) - 24/04/2007

    One note of worth to this firm for the good exhibition introduced to Castro.... Good the "Bombe da Tiro", as the first one composed by 6 "Intrecci" separated in 2 backgrounds + "controbomba" and "controcolpo", good the part of the "Fermate" that becomes spectacular when they begin to be us the...
  7. F

    F.lli Pannella (Evening Show) - 24/04/2007

    Another great exhibition of the firm Pannella that here has shown what she knows how to do.... Bombs as usual precise and clean, "Fermate" excellent, willow and white rains stupendous and a very beautiful final with stupendous variations and combinations.... The budget for this show is...
  8. F

    Bartolomeo Bruscella (Evening Show) - 24/04/2007

    One of the certainly best show of the Master Bruscella....... In this show you can notice as this firm is trying to innovate more always him..... Really perfect choreographies, sequential spurts, fans and jokes launch they make this unique show! Precise bombs and cleaning up, "Fermate"...
  9. P

    Need to Organzie a Show: anyone wants to give suggestions or contribute/partecipate?

    Hello, I need to organize a private display for a family event. Something rather professional and long (5minutes or more), to include: a) Powerful/high level shells, brightly colored and with a good variety as to size and uniqueness of the pattern. b) A display of eastern or eastern/like...
  10. P

    Pijlenassortiment "Rocket show 5000

    Meer informatie over Rocketshow 5000ImporteurSchuurmansCollectieDiamond CollectionArtikel nummerDCP7Advies verkoopprijs€ 37.50Oude prijzenNetto kruitgewicht gramKarton eenheidAantal schotenEffect beschrijving7 zware pijlen met diverse effecten. Laatste wijziging: 15/10/2012[/B[/tr...
  11. P

    Pijlen assortiment "Rocket show 1000

    Meer informatie over Rocketshow 1000ImporteurSchuurmansCollectieDiamond CollectionArtikel nummerDCP6Advies verkoopprijs€ 12.95Oude prijzenNetto kruitgewicht118 gramKarton eenheidAantal schotenEffect beschrijvingZeven pijlen met verschillende effecten!Laatste wijziging: 15/10/2012[/B[/tr...
  12. P

    Pijlen assortiment "Rocket show 4000

    Meer informatie over Rocketshow 4000ImporteurSchuurmansCollectieDiamond CollectionArtikel nummerDCP5Advies verkoopprijs€ 19,95Oude prijzen2012: €18.50Netto kruitgewicht111 gramKarton eenheidAantal schotenEffect beschrijving6 verschillende soorten vuurpijlen in één pakket.Laatste wijziging...
  13. P

    Super Show Rockets

    Meer informatie over Super Show RocketsImporteurBroekhoff VuurwerkCollectieCrown CollectionArtikel nummer1715Advies verkoopprijs€ 54,95 Oude prijzenNetto kruitgewicht gramKarton eenheid2/5/24Aantal schotenEffect beschrijving24 verschillende pijlen met diverse effecten en kruit vullingen...
  14. P

    best fireworks show ever

    Ja je komt een hoop tegen op youtube zo ook deze, die bij een hoop mensen zeer bekend is. dit is de tekst die erbij staat This is what i believe to be the best fireworks show ever! especialy the last part. -487DAwhqnQ
  15. Tony

    Stockton fireworks show saved

    Stockton fireworks show saved Man offers his land as launching pad for Fourth of July fun By David Siders Record Staff Writer April 07, 2007 6:00 AM STOCKTON - Stockton will launch fireworks on the Fourth of July after all, officials said Friday, two months after announcing the cancellation of...
  16. Tony

    Fireworks show set for Saturday

    April 6, 2007 Frontiersman HOUSTON - We all know the words and music to the spiritual rock song, “Spirit in the Sky,� and with that tune in mind, employees and friends of the late, pyrotechnician Jerry Mignano will celebrate him with a memorial fireworks show on Saturday. Called...
  17. Vinnie

    Scheveningen deze show gaat niet door!!!

    3 mei vuurwerk te scheveningen wie : onbekend wat : onbekend waar : Stalen eiland aan de pier tyd : omstreeks 22.00 uur Deze show gaat niet door
  18. Tony

    St. Clair keeps show on July 4

    By NICOLE GERRING Times Herald ST. CLAIR - The city will retain its distinction as the only area community that offers fireworks on July 4. The City Council decided unanimously Monday night not to change the date. The city's volunteer fire department asked the City Council to consider moving...
  19. F

    Microsoft Show

    Ik heb niet alle informatie achter deze show. Wat ik wel weet is dat deze show geschoten is in samenhang met het Microsoftspel "Vanishing Point". Wat weer een spel is gekoppeld aan de lanceering van Microsoft Vista. Mooie show, mooie kleuren en (voor mij) een aantal nieuwe effecten! Veel...
  20. F

    Carmelo Di Candia (Daylight Show)

    A good show, with good "Bombe da Tiro" but that at times they almost end to earth, "Fermate" excellent that underline the great professionalism of this firm but with some overlapping to correct and with a few times to be systematized. A very noisy end, with the sweet of the coloured smoke aereal...